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Anonymous asked: I feel so useless sitting here. What can I do to help Ferguson??


there’s a bail and legal fund that’s been set up for those who’ve been arrested 

this person is trying to organize a food drive for school kids in ferguson

national moment of silence 2014 (for victims of police brutality) 

share the following: 

videos of what has happened

links to articles

how to make a tear gas mask

livestream link to the peaceful protests


For someone like me who has severe depression, anxiety and is suicidal this means so much. there are actually many people out there that think depression can be cured by just “Cheering up!”. The ignorance of some people is just disgusting. This is a mental disorder that people who suffer have no control over. Let Robin Williams be a true testament of people who suffer the most, and do everything in their power to make others laugh and feel happiness, just so they don’t ever have to feel as terrible as we do.

If you can, even if you feel like shit, make it a goal of yours to go out of your way to make someone laugh, or to lend them an ear, or a shoulder to cry on. No matter how I’m feeling, I always try to make my friends laugh or cheer them up, because I want them to feel good and laugh and be happy. Be there for someone, because you NEVER know exactly what someone’s going through or how their suffering and you may have to power to prevent something bad from happening.

this is that Good stuff.

😳 so I’m just sitting here while my co worker is crying on the phone to her husband about needing comfort.

I kinda don’t know what to do right now.

Awkwarrrdd… 😳😳😳

Should I go “get some water” 😳😳


No goal was ever met without a little sweat….

Week 3 of insanity, Day 15: Fit Test

I’m your typical Obese chick. I don’t have JUST 10-15 lbs to loose, and I’m not JUST trying to “tone up”. I’m in the process of chiseling an entire person away. So I HAVE to work for this. I have to be my own motivator, coach, and encouragement. When you love yourself, and I mean GENUINELY love yourself, u make changes to better yourself. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

My only hope is YOU love yourself that much too.

-Pesto out 😎✌️

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